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Complete suite of management tools and utilities for the serious MP3 user

An amazing suite of tools to maintain, organise and catalogue your entire music collection. Coordinate the file names and ID3 Tags, catalogue your collection in HTML or text format, clean up your M3U and PLS playlists, find duplicate MP3's in your collection, rip audio CD's to your hard disk and convert between MP3 and WAV format with vast encoding/decoding options all in one cost-effective application.

Quite simply, you will never need another music management program. The Complete MP3 Manager aims to save you enormous amounts of time and greatly improve the quality and organisation of your music collection.

Price: $19.95

Key Features

Check out the main features in The Complete MP3 Manager below. Click on the screenshots to enlarge.

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MP3 Scanning Centre

This is the central location for Scanning in your MP3 files from any number of folders you choose. Then use the other tools to work with the files you have Scanned.

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File Name and Tag Coordinator

Tidy up your MP3 file names and ID3 Tags quickly and easily using an intelligent mechanism to update the ID3 Tags in your MP3's according to the file name (or vice versa). AINES (Artificial Intelligent Name Extraction System) has evolved ever since this program came into being and offers more advanced features than ever before. Proven to be 99.9% acMarch 11, 2008 3:31the changes that AINES proposes before applying them and AINES even gives you a confidence level on how accurate it thinks it is with each MP3. This tool also incorporates a tool for tagging the ID3v1 or ID3v2 Tag en masse.

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Music Cataloguer

Produce complete catalogue listings of your entire MP3 collection in text format for your own purposes, or in HTML format for publishing on the Web, completely customisable for your requirements. Your lists can be in multiple pages defined by the maximum number of entries you'd like on each page and you can tailor them to suit your colour preferences, which columns to include, list in a specific sort order; in fact, just about anything.

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Duplicate Finder

Root out those duplicate MP3's that exist in different locations on your system and take up valuable hard disk space. This will analyse all your MP3's and list any that have similar Title fields in the ID3 Tag, then allowing you to review them and delete any if necessary.

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Playlist Manager

Clean up your M3U and PLS playlists by finding missing entries and create new playlists easily using files Scanned in in the MP3 Scanning Centre. This will also coordinate the Playlist entry Title information with the ID3 Tag information in the file (i.e., Artist - Title). Also featured is an Auto-Tidy function to do the whole lot automatically!

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Encoder Decoder

Convert WAV files to MP3 files and vice versa. There are lots of options provided for a fully customisable encode/decode for the basic user or the seriously advanced user. This tool uses the LAME MP3 encoder and a full reference is contained within the online Help. Also featured is a CD Ripper to rip audio CD's to your hard disk as WAV format, which can then be easily converted to MP3 using Encoder Decoder.

For a comprehensive list of features you may browse the Internet WebHelp system for The Complete MP3 Manager.


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