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About Us

X-treem Software is home to the most sophisticated MP3 management tool available on the Web and since The Complete MP3 Manager was born in February 2001, it has become a highly respected and recognised leader in complete all-round MP3 management.

X-treem Software started life when one day, it became apparent that MP3's are the biggest organisational mish-mash after a student's study agenda. "How on earth can I get through all these MP3's and tidy up the file names (and correct them) and update the ID3 Tag as I go along?" And so, the MP3 Filename Formatter was born.

Then it grew and grew into a whole suite of useful tools to cover just about every aspect of MP3 management that most people should require. The aim was to produce a quality set of integrated tools that eradicated the need for any other MP3 management program on the end-user's computer... thus, The Complete MP3 Manager was born.

X-treem Software is now backed by a small team of professional software developers proficient in the art of C, C++, COM, ATL, Visual Basic, HTML and MPEG technical know-how to provide you, the consumer, with quality software that will knock the socks off all other management software available on the Internet (or anywhere else for that matter!). All because we just stick to a few basic rules:

For a greater insight into the founder of X-treem, go to X-treem-X.


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